Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Professional Development

Membership Has Its Benefits.

The South Florida HHRA offers its members a variety of opportunities

  • Legal Updates via Professional Legal Representatives Guest Speakers
  • Discounts to Legal Update seminars
  • Yearly Best Practice Session
  • Guest speakers in the areas of Personal Development and Health and & Wellness
  • Notification of special webinars for industry
  • Newsletter with articles relating to our industry issues
  • Access to our professional network for industry information
  • Invitations to other market events related to our industry
  • Wage Survey (yearly)
  • Networking Events
  • Monthly bulletin and a variety of speakers/topics
  • Roster of member’s names, companies, etc.
  • Discounted fees to functions
  • Personal development & growth opportunities

Reasonable Dues:

$130.00 annual dues per calendar year for first member from a property, $80.00 per additional member.

Meetings and Programs:

Monthly – alternate meetings throughout the year (i.e., will vary between lunch and dinner with some flexibility depending on the availability of the hosting property)
The hosting property will receive 75-80% of the money received at the door at the time of event.

Cost of Monthly Events / Meetings

$35.00 for each breakfast function; $40.00 for non-member
$40.00 for each luncheon function; $45.00 for non-member
$40.00 for each Happy Hour function; $45.00 for non-member
$55.00 for each dinner function; $60 for non-member
$10.00 surcharge for walk-ins
Please note that: No shows and reservations cancelled 24 hours prior to meeting are billed to the individual
Reservations and payment can be made via the Eventbrite invite as well as through our Treasurer for companies that pay with corporate checks.