About Our Next Event

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM – Via Zoom
12:00 N – Adjourn

Check with a board member for registration and sign in info.

DeAnne Connolly Graham, president of ROI Media Consultants, Inc. will present Creating & Maintaining Relationships during COVID. She will share information, training and networking opportunities that bring value to you and your property. She believes that collaboration creates more success than competition and she will help us form more mutually beneficial business relationships. Spend an hour that will be well worth your time!sume normal activities by July. Stay tuned.

At Our Last Event…

Our Zoom meeting on Reopening During Covid 19 in the Hospitality Industry was full of good info. Many thanks to Zach Rosenthal for putting it together.

Our June meeting was a webinar, CLICK HERE to view it on YouTube.

SflaHHRA Group Picture
South Florida Hospitality Human Resources Association at Jungle Island in 2019